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 Symble is a Born & Raised artist from South London. His work includes repeated use of a cast of figurative characters and motifs, started initially painted in 2D and now experimenting works in 3D. Some of his characters are his own creations while others are reworked versions of existing icons showcasing the power of love in society as well as its empowerment . 

Symble is one to watch as his work was showcased in 2018 Miami art Basel & is due to be exhibiting in galleries and museums globally also will soon be held in the permanent collections of public institutions, and is avidly collected by individuals including internationally acclaimed musicians from R&B singers to Global Rappers , premier leagues footballers & private collectors.

Symble Creates works with acrylic paintings on canvas, while also working on a number of commercial collaboration predominantly on limited edition toys, but also clothing, skate decks and other products.


SAm creasey

on 22/04/2019@boxpark


Illustration by Deniz on 25/02/2019@Boxpark


Fusion by Day-Z on 04/02/2019@Boxpark

Sam Creasey


Sam Creasey

The relationship between viewing and understand a painting as opposed to screen-based content, is central to Sam’s image making. Painting is valued by the artist as a remedial activity and a medium for reforming cold digital detritus into an authentic object. The slowed, considered act of craft is celebrated in the work as a means by which to negate certain anxieties of living in an increasingly fast paced and networked world. Painting takes on a meditative role for the artist. Relying on touch, gesture and the physicality of the painted mark to imprint the meaning in the works.

Sam’s images evoke to the viewer a sense of gritty uncertainty and dystopia in the information age, conveying references to internet subcultures, memes, sci-fi and cyberpunk fiction, environmental degradation and e-waste. A kitsch, retro aesthetic in many of the paintings serves as a metonym for the culture of nostalgia across generations and the longing for so called simpler times of the past. This appears in the works through an appropriation of the vapourwave ‘A E S T H E T I C’ – a popular trope of imagery that accompanies music from this genre that reminisces over the early utopian visions of technology, the internet, Fiji Water and capitalism. With this early utopian vision of the internet and networked technologies as a free and harmless space long gone, humans are arriving at power struggle with ever smarter technologies in our attempts to find purpose, peace and truth. 

With social media amplifying a gloomy post-truth predicament and the physical world increasingly being flooded by the visual language of networks, the authentic art object retains its integrity to inform and inspire. Sam also utilises photoshop and digital images and in his practise as well as moving image. He is currently studying an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art. 

The Moon Walk Collection


 Cake Club Clothing launches the 'Moon Walk' collection at our next NONSTOP event,  

Deniz Günsav


Deniz Günsav is an award-winning Turkish Illustrator based in the UK. She has recently completed her Illustration degree at Arts University Bournemouth and graduated with the first class of honours. 

Deniz's creative approach plays with the idea of classic luxury and modern conveniences. Her scope of work includes editorial illustration and advertising. She has been working as a freelance illustrator and her clients are mainly in the field of music industry and advertising.

She is currently seeking agency representation and is available for commissions upon request.



 "Artist DAY-Z grew up in London and studied fine art at Central St Martins. Combining techniques learnt from the classical masters with current culture to create a signature style that fuses street style with fine art and using pen and pencil to create intricate and exquisite drawings, Day-Z's unique talent speaks to a growing audience of followers and collectors" 

- The Rise of Young Talent, I-M magazine.